South Waco Elementary Nurse Club

South Waco Elementary Nurse Club
Posted on 11/03/2016

Some South Waco Elementary fourth-graders are getting a head start on their medical career thanks to an innovative idea from the school's nurse.

Helen Mathews started a Nurse Club on that campus last year, and Thursday the eight students showed the media how they're learning the basics of keeping the friends healthy.

Nurse Club Nurse ClubThe seven girls and one boy learn things like the proper way to wash hands, three different ways to take a person's temperature, the safe way to clean abrasions, and most recently how to correctly gauge a person's blood pressure, getting initial instruction from their nurse and then practicing on each other.

At the start of the school year Mathews invites students who indicate an interest in medicine to be in the club, which meets one day a week as a substitute for music, art or P.E. class, and they have to sign a "contract"before being accepted. It includes promises like punctuality, good behavior, and respecting others.

The lone male member of the club wants to be a plastic surgeon, and another hopes to become a veterinarian. The rest have their sights set on a stethoscope and a nursing career, which is exactly why Mathews created the club. Now she's like to see other campuses start a similar program.