Saturday Diversion Course

Saturday Diversion Course

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Purpose of Program:


Through the Waco ISD partnership with the Criminal Justice Division – Office of the Governor, our goal is:  to reduce the number of school citations and number of referrals to the Waco ISD DAEP. 

This Diversion Course may be used:

  • by administrators as an option to suspension or placement at the DAEP,
  • by SRO’s as an alternative to citations, and
  • by judges as a sentencing alternative to increase the likelihood of students staying out of the juvenile justice system.


The Diversion Course is intended as a Diversion away from court, entering the Juvenile Justice System, paying court fines of $500 or more, or having to leave work for court hearings or deferred disposition, etc.  Information learned during the Diversion Course equips participating students and parent/guardians with necessary skills to communicate more effectively and build more supportive relationships with one another.

  • Students will learn pro-social alternatives to their current behaviors and understand the long-term consequences of continued school disruptions and/or truancies.
  • Parents will learn strategies for supporting their children and learn to meet their developmental needs in healthy and pro-social ways, based on trust and mutual respect.


Cohort group of students will attend two (2) Saturday sessions of 6 contact hours each, 12 total hours.
Students and same Parent/Guardian must stay entire session and attend both sessions

  • Students attend one track, Parent/Guardians attend a parallel track
  • Certificate will be provided upon completion of course for proof of attendance
  • Attendance in Diversion Class does NOT count for “Saturday School” to regain credits



NOVEMBER: November 8 & 15,  2014               

DECEMBER: December 6 & 13, 2014                     

JANUARY: January 10 &  24, 2015

FEBRUARY: February  7 & 21, 2015

MARCH: March 21 & 28, 2015

APRIL: April 11 & 25, 2015

MAY: May 9 & 16, 2015

 Location:              WISD Administration Building : 501 Franklin Ave,   1st Floor Conference Center

 Times:                   8:30 am - 3:30 participants must stay entire session to receive 
                      30 minute break for lunch  

Course Objectives:
Cohort group of students and same parent/guardian will attend 2 Saturday sessions. The Diversion Course will have two parallel tracks: one for students and one for parents, with qualified trainers for each track.

Over the two day course, students will learn strategies to communicate more effectively with others, understand impulse control and anger management, and practice skills needed to make better choices in stressful, high-pressure situations.  They will also identify their post-secondary interests and strengths and understand how to achieve their career path goals.  While the students are learning, their Parent/ Guardians will be presented information about adolescent development; gain skills in communicating, problem-solving, and discipline; and have time to discuss ideas with other parents and gain support. 

 A Community Resource panel will be available on day 2, to provide information on their available services in a number of areas (housing, food, clothing, medical/dental services, etc.). A resource guide will be available that helps parents find and access resources to meet the needs they identify through the course.

Saturday Diversion Contract 2014 -2015.doc


Contact:    Hannah Kuhl, LMSW