Waco High School December 2016 Student of the Month

Posted on 12/05/2016
     I am currently participating in Advanced Automotive Technology at Waco high, it’s a really good program and I would recommend it to anyone who has interests in having a future with automotive. I myself want to proceed further into automotive as a career, leaning more to the side diesel mechanic technology. I’ve grown up working on cars doing the basic stuff I could do that was age appropriate. My dad Joseph Lee has taught me everything I know and then when I got to Waco high and I joined the automotive program my automotive teachers taught me even more. I’ve always been interested in cars my whole life. Turning wrenches is a hobby to me, I love to do it on my free time as well. Waco High has great automotive teachers and they have tons of experience with cars and they know what to do in any situation you have. You’ll never get stranded at Waco high. 

I want to continue my life working on cars, trucks, airplanes and anything with a motor. I would like to go to TSTC to study diesel and automotive mechanics. My future consists of nothing but working on cars, that’s why I joined the automotive class. I’ve been in it for 3 years.

               When I get out of high school my plans are to go to TSTC to study Diesel mechanics. I also want to study Aviation to be able to work on aircrafts. I plan to go to TSTC for two years and then start my career off with an associate’s degree. After that I will go to school again to get my business degree because I want to open up my own business in the mechanic field. My dream is when I get older to be able to just sit back and work on cars and have my own classic car collection. 

When I’m 30 and I look back on my life to where I’m at now I’ll know that when I grew up working on cars and being drilled about what is safe and what isn’t safe.  I’ll also see that growing up mechanically inclined has been very beneficial to me. Another thing that I’ll see is this class in high school, it has helped me tremendously. You just can’t imagine all the knowledge you’ll get being able to come to school and being able to work on cars and each day you can count on it being a different problem. It is very fun and I enjoy it a lot. 

People that I need, are my automotive teachers, my dad, and my fellow classmates will help me and have helped me succeed to this point. I have certain goals set for me right now and the main one I’m focused on is getting through school and college so I can actually start my own career path.