University High School December 2016 Student of the Month

Posted on 12/05/2016
     I am Kyerra Murphy and I am part of the Information Technology Academy at University High School. I have been on the U show since the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year and I have been a part of the Yearbook Staff since the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. I am currently taking AVP1 and graphic design classes because I want to become a graphic design artist and photographer in the future and design logos and advertisements for companies, well known and not so well known. When I look back in thirty years I will consider myself successful when I have completed the highest degree I can achieve in Graphic Design and when I either own my own business or I am on track to owning my own business. 

     I am working on getting into a great school with an amazing Graphic Arts or Communications Design program like University of North Texas or Stephen F. Austin so that I may get an amazing education and build a career off of it. I don't think I need anything other than the teachers I have had, have now, or will have and maybe some motivation and encouragement because I know I will make a career out of Graphic Design. 

     Also, I have done many things outside of school that will help me to become a better person all around and not just in my career of choice. I am currently a Heart of Texas Young Marines, a drug demand reduction program that is international, with the rank of Young Marine Corporal. I have spent well over 150 hours doing community service just through this program which include going to the V.A. Hospital and serving veterans snacks and drinks and sitting to talk with them about anything and everything. Also, I have been in the veterans day parade and sung to the elderly every year since joining the Young Marines. I have done many things like collect and distribute toys for Toys for Tots at the Navy reserve center here in Waco, and Have collected donations for the Marine Red Rose Foundation, and I have even done parking for Baylor basketball and football games. Outside of the young marines I have worked concession stands and hawked water for Baylor as well. I have been volunteering at Critters Exotic Pet store, cleaning cages and handling animals, for the past year and a half or so. Also, I have worked Baylor Banquets and even been invited to them through the Upward Bound Program.   

     However, not only does my academy teach me the skills necessary to learn and advance into college courses and into the real world, so do these outside of school activities, where I could use these skills to get jobs and to possibly become my own boss with my own business. I know that the skills I have learned and am learning will project me into an impossibly amazing career and future. I thank everyone who has helped me come this far and especially Mr. William Taverner and Mr. Carl Thomas. I hope to meet more amazing mentors and teachers in the future while I further my education in my major of choice.