University High School January 2017 Student of the Month

Posted on 01/04/2017


Hello my name is Victor Lopez and I have been nominated by Mr. Engelbrecht for student of the month for January.

Mr. Engelbrecht teaches advanced automotive technology which is the academy of technology I'm in and he teaches it very well and is always there when you're stuck on any certain application in relation to automotive.

My dreams in the future are to be working for a national or even worldwide company related to my field of degree of diesel technician or automotive technician.

For me to consider my life to be prosperous ,thirty years from now and looking back, I would have to have had finished high school and college in the diesel technician program and the Toyota program at Texas State Technical College for me to consider my life successful and anything after that is icing on the cake.

The people I would need to accomplish these goals are my family and supporting friends, also I will need aiding and ambitious family members and in addition the accomplishments well one of them is that I growing up from a father that worked on diesel tractor trailers or semi-trucks and family members cars and trucks is learning the different parts of the vehicles

This academy fits into my plans because it gives me the experience I need for the real world and how it's going to be in an actual shop somewhere