Tennyson lockers get a makeover

Tennyson lockers get a makeover
Posted on 01/10/2017

Principal Hall speaks with TMS Choir Director, Joy Marshall about a beautification project she is promoting in the hallways of Tennyson.

Lockers have been painted to resemble the spines of books, but not just any books. These books can actually be checked out in the TMS library.

The idea came from a school district in Tennessee that completed the project in one of their own schools. They provided Ms. Marshall with lots of tips and moral support for the project.

There are 637 lockers in the halls of Tennyson, and eventually all of them will be included in the project. Tennyson would like to thank everyone who pitched in to help.

  • Joy Marshall
  • TMS Students and Parents
  • the National Charity League
  • Home Depot
  • TMS Teachers
  • Former students and teachers
  • Baylor students

The project has served to bring the campus even closer together as a source of pride. The hallways are so colorful and a "JOY" to look at. Though 600-plus lockers is a huge project, Texans Have True Grit, and they'll get the job done right.

Great Work Texans!