UHS-JROTC drill competition results

UHS-JROTC drill competition results
Posted on 01/30/2017

UHS-JROTC competed during the Jan 28 weekend at the Waco High Drill Competition. Once again, our cadets represented UHS with great pride, motivation, and determination. As a result of their hard work and dedication here are the results of the competition.

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Ranger Challenge Team (3 mile run with obstacles) - 1ST place
24min 56sec

  • Janet Moreno
  • Baya Deleon
  • Hernan Rodriquez
  • Zebastian Evans
  • Jose Luciano

Male Physical Team - 2nd place

  • Eric Reese
  • Joseph Portillo
  • Jacob Casiano
  • LaQuan Quinton

Female Physical Fitness Team - 2nd Place

  • Arexy Deleon
  • Esmeralda Castelan
  • Lucero Reveles
  • Vivianna Guerra

Individual medals:

  • Esmeralda Castelan - 1st Place Push-ups overall
  • Joseph Portillo - 3rd Place Crunches overall
  • Manual Gibson - 2nd Place knock out drill
  • Adam Aguilar - 3rd Place knock out drill

Other cadets who competed on Saturday are:

  • Jacklyn Zavala
  • Ashely Arocha
  • Maria Regalado
  • Melissa Chavez
  • Fabian Botello
  • Adam Aguilar
  • Xavier Escobedo
  • Bryan Jasso

We are proud very proud of all or our cadets who competed on Saturday. They represented their school, community, and families with great pride and determination. Please congratulate them for a job well done. Thank you. enjoy the pics.

We are very proud of all of our cadets who performed Saturday representing their school, community, and family.