Posted on 02/02/2017
Fallon Bain
Academy of Information Technology

I am in the Commercial Photography class at Waco High, in the Academy of Information Technology with a Graphic Arts focus. Additionally, I am taking the Medical Terminology and Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness classes through the Academy of Health Sciences.

In Commercial Photography, we study how to properly use a camera in order to take quality pictures, how to set up and use studio lighting, and how to operate Photoshop to build creative composites and improve our photos. I have been given the opportunity to take pictures at the Waco High football games the HOT Fair and Rodeo. I loved getting to be on the field at the football games; through it, I have seen a whole new side of Waco High's spirit. Despite my enthusiasm for being down near the action and excitement of a football game, the best part about taking pictures at the games was the hands-on learning I received in such a dynamic environment.

With this experience, I am participating in the SkillsUSA competition by submitting prints and competing in person. I have greatly enjoyed my time in photography, and I believe I'll use these skills for the rest of my life. Photography's ability to capture memories and moments in life has inspired me to learn how to take excellent pictures. Learning how to think like a photographer has provided me with a new perspective on lifebecause of it, I can better appreciate the beauty in the world around me. I also get to work with equipment I would never have access to on my own; we use the school's nice cameras, we have everything we need to set up professional-level studio lighting, and we have access to Photoshop. This allows students like myself to explore passions of theirs without spending a lot of money.

At this point in time, I have been accepted to Baylor and Southwestern University. I currently have ten or so other applications out, and I am not sure what college I will attend. Regardless of my college choice, I intend on studying in the Natural Sciences to become a researcher. My photography skills will better prepare me to collect field data and record information. I may have been late joining the photography classes, but it has still given me innumerable life benefits and highlights the quality and well-rounded nature of a Waco High education.