Career Surveillance

Posted on 02/20/2017

Job Shadowing at Waco ISD Police Department
UHS Academy of Law and Criminal Justice
2/15/2017 and 2/16/2017

(AoLCJ students David Martinez, Alexia Mata, and Caleb Quetz  with Chief Boatman)

David Martinez – I had a wonderful experience job shadowing the officers at the Waco ISD Police Department.  Each officer has their own unique personality, but they all have the same passion for what they do which was very inspiring.  I learned so much during the job shadow and have been impacted in a positive way.

Alexia Mata – My experience with job shadowing at the Waco ISD Police Department was amazing!  I personally witnessed so many new things from the K-9 unit to traffic control.  My ride-along with Officer Suarez was great!  He demonstrated all the parts of a cop car and how to work them. Since I plan on pursuing a career as a police officer, all of the information I was able to learn will benefit me in the future.

Caleb Quetz – I had the honor and privilege to job shadow with the Waco ISD Police Department.  One of the most dramatic moments was when I personally witnessed an individual being arrested.  Chief Boatman was very encouraging and practical in his tips and advice on a career in law enforcement.  This experience has made a difference in my life.  Hopefully, one day I will be able to work for this department.


(AoLCJ students Alexandra Castillo, Tusherria Demar, and Isabel Santacruz with Lt. Williams )

Alexandra Castillo – Job shadowing with the Waco ISD Police Department was an amazing experience!  I have known for a while that I wanted to become a police officer.  Shortly after speaking with Chief Boatman and Lt. Williams, I began to question my future career in law enforcement.  They stated that they will not be able to work for Waco ISD Police Department forever and that there will be a need for someone to step in and take their places when they are gone.  This made me consider staying in Waco and working for Waco ISD P.D. rather than moving to another city to allow me to serve the youth in the community in which I grew up.  I will forever be grateful for being blessed with this great opportunity and hope to stay in contact with these officers.

Tusherria Demar – Job shadowing the Waco ISD Police Officers was absolutely amazing!  We had a great time together and they taught me so many things about their daily life on-the-job.  We had the wonderful opportunity to ride out with them while they were on duty and to get familiar with their roles in the police department.  Additionally, I learned more about how they are able to track cars that speed, which is something that I was curious about.  My favorite part of the trip was learning about the K-9 that was trained extremely well.  I would love to be able to job shadow with these police officers again someday.

Isabel Santacruz – My experience while job shadowing at the Waco ISD Police Department was a memorable experience for me.  All of the officers along with Chief Boatman and Lt. Williams met all of my expectations and more.  I loved how everyone is like a family to one another.  I always thought that being a police officer meant being serious 24/7, but these guys are fun to be around and knew how to make us laugh.  I appreciate that they took the time out of their day to let us get a better understanding of what it is like to be a police officer for Waco ISD.  Officer Ramsey made my ride-along great!  He answered all of my questions and had great tips for me.