Waco ISD Communications Department earns TSPRA trophies and medals

Waco ISD Communications Department & WISD-TV earn TSPRA trophies and medals
Posted on 02/23/2017

Communications & WISD-TV Brings Home TSPRA Awards!


The Waco ISD Communications Department and WISD-TV attended the 2017 TSPRA Conference held this year in Galveston, Texas. TSPRA is the Texas School Public Relations Association and several Waco ISD employees have been active members in the organization for several years. It's a professional organization for public information and media specialists in an educational environment.

Each year, "TSPRAns" from across the state gather together to strategize with one another, to learn from one another, and to also compete with one another over the projects they supported from the previous school year. This year, Waco ISD's TV and Communications departments submitted eight projects together for review. All eight of the projects brought home an award, the grandest being the Crystal Certificate of Merit for the team's collective body of work on the District's TRE initiative and bond election. 

Jesse Botello, Mary Senter and the Communications Department won a Gold Star Award for the TRE video. In addition, Botello won two additional Gold Star Awards in Video Production and Senter won two additional Gold Star Awards in Photography.

WISD Web-guy Skip Filgo and former Communications Director Dale Caffey earned a bronze for their cooperation in creating the School Board's internal electronic newsletter which has been sent to subscribers for well over a year now.

Here is the complete list of achievements:

Future Sports StarCinco de MayoTRE Slide

Mary Senter Photo - Sports Subject "Future Sports Star" Gold
Mary Senter
Photo - Other Subject "Cinco de Mayo" Gold
Jesse Botello, Mary Senter & Communications Department
Video - News/Information Tax Ratification Election Gold
Jesse Botello Video - Promotional Marketing
Live, Learn, Work
Jesse Botello Video - Promotional Marketing
Tennyson Middle Orchestra Promo Gold
Jesse Botello
Video - Training/Instructional
GWAMA - How its Made
Skip Filgo & Dale Caffey E-Newsletter Internal
The BoT Bulletin
Mary Senter, Jesse Botello & Skip Filgo
Bond Election Waco ISD - Game Changer

Congratulations Waco ISD Communications and Waco's own TV studio, WISD-TV, on your successes.