Waco High School March 2017 Student of the Month

Posted on 03/01/2017
I am Karac Courville a senior in high school. I am in the academy of Audio Video technologies. I came into high school not knowing what I wanted to do. My freshman year I was put into a principles of audio video class. It was my last class of the day. When we first started making videos I quickly began to enjoy the entire process. Not only was the process fun but the teacher gave us freedom to express ourselves. He always said that there is no one correct way to make a video, that being a videographer is like being a artist.

  While in his class it not only helped, me build better socialization skills. I used to be a less outgoing student and preferred to keep to myself. Mr. Davies believed that if one of us learned something we should teach it to our fellow classmates. My sophomore year I put the 2nd year class on my request sheet but there was not enough people that requested the class, so I took the first-year class again because I enjoyed it so much.  Because I had already taken the class, I was more of a production manager.

This experience helped me gain leadership skills. I also created a production team that we would keep together for the next two years. This being my last year, I am trying to soak in as much information and experience as I can.

My CTE class has taught me many skills that have helped me grow into a young adult such as being responsible, socialization, and leadership. I came into high school not sure what I wanted to do, but now leaving high school.  I am sure that I want to be a videographer. I also know that if a student is having a hard time knowing what they want to do they should experiment with the CTE classes and find something you love to do. The classes do not just teach their subjects but they teach skills that will last a life time in the work force, but they help give you real world experience in the line of work you wish to do and allow you to display your skills in a competition against others that could one day go after the same job you want.