The Race was on for the Fastest 5th Grader

The Race was on for the Fastest 5th Grader
Posted on 03/03/2017

fastest 5th Graders

On November 4th there was a race held between all 5th graders in Waco ISD during the Hall of Fame football game between Waco High and University High.  There was a Fastest Boy winner and a Fastest Girl winner that night -- both from Brook Avenue Elementary.  The fastest girl was Kiyleyah Parr with 50 yards in 7.25 seconds.  The fastest boy was Deshann Patterson with 50 yards in 7.03 seconds.

Today, Kiyleyah and Deshann were presented with trophies to recognize their awesome accomplishment.  Plus, the entire 5th grade had a pizza and cupcake party to celebrate the two students; compliments of Coach Tusa in the Athletic Department.

Congratulations, Kiyleyah and Deshann!

Kiyleyah Parr Deshann Patterson Fastest 5th Graders