Pigs Will Be Pigs

Pigs Will Be Pigs
Posted on 03/23/2017

First graders at Kendrick Elementary were paid a visit by Incommons Bank, one of their Adopt-a-School partners, both last Wednesday and yesterday.  Last Wednesday, the group started reading the book Pigs Will Be Pigs: Fun with Math and Money by Amy Axelrod.  The book follows the Pig family who is hungry and would like to go eat at the Enchanted Enchilada, but unfortunately they have run out of money.  So, the Pig family decides to go on a money hunt.  Once they were at a stopping point in the story, Angie Goette and Molly Sosa from Incommons Bank challenged the students to go on their own money hunt.

Yesterday, Goette and Sosa returned to Kendrick Elementary to finish reading the book and follow up with the students to see how their money hunt had gone.  Once the book was over, they had the students group different combinations of coins together using pretend money to create a variety of amounts.  After the program concluded, each student was presented with their own piggy bank from Incommons Bank so that they can continue their money hunt and have a perfect place to save what they find.

This is the third year that Incommons Bank has presented this program to the first graders at Kendrick Elementary.  It is such a fantastic program that teaches students about money and saving.  Thank you, Incommons Bank, for your amazing support and generosity that you give to Kendrick Elementary.