English Learners Acronyms

English Language Learner Common Acronyms

ELL English Language Learner
DL Dual Language
ESL English-as-a-Second Language
AYP Adequately Yearly Progress
LEP Limited English Proficient
FEP Fluent English Proficient
ELPS English Language Proficiency Standards
HLS Home Language Survey
FES Fluent English Speaker
NES Non English Speaker
LPAC Language Proficient Assessment Committee
TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
TAKS Texas Assessment Knowledge and Skills
TELPAS Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System
OLPT Oral Language Proficiency Test
WM Woodcock Munoz Oral Test
ITBS Iowa Test of Basic Skills
LAT Linguistically Accommodated Testing
STAAR-L State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness Linguistically
Accommodated for Math, Science, and Social Studies