Spotlight on Cedar Ridge Elementary School
Spotlight on Cedar Ridge Elementary School
Posted on 12/03/2012
children working with tools

Cedar Ridge serves bilingual students in grades PK through four, and ESL students in grades PK through five. Students in the primary grades are working hard to make the transition into English as soon as possible. Teachers are using a variety of hands on activities to give the students concrete experiences that will help make the transition into English. Here are a few examples of what students are doing in the primary grades.


Mrs. Garza's class - Students are making shapes using their bodies and then learning the names of the shapes in both Spanish and English. Students are also learning to make shapes using a geoboard. Using hair gel in zip lock bags is a fun way to learn how to write their numbers.

First Grade

Mrs. Delgado class - These students enjoy listening to Mrs. Delgado read to them each day. They discuss letter sounds in new vocabulary words as well picking out the elements of the story.

Ms. Deleon class - Ms. Deleon's students use manipulatives to model greater than and less than number sentences.

Second Grade


Mrs. Bower's class - Students work with a Tarleton intern playing a game that reinforces place value skills.