Attendance Zones

On May 23, 2013, the Waco ISD School Board adjusted school attendance zones to alleviate overcrowding at some schools and to better distribute the student population among District facilities.

Most affected by the redrawn attendance zones are Bell's Hill Elementary, West Avenue Elementary, Crestview Elementary, Parkdale Elementary, Cesar Chavez Middle and Indian Spring Middle. However, the domino effect of adjusting those zones also caused minor changes to others.

New Attendance Zones

Elementary school zones
Middle school zones
High school zones

Elementary Zones (isolated view)

Alta Vista Kendrick
Bell's Hill Mountainview
Brook Avenue Parkdale
Cedar Ridge Provident Heights
Crestview South Waco
Dean Highland West Avenue
J.H. Hines

Feeder Patterns

The Waco ISD Feeder Patterns illustrate which campus a student attends throughout their academic career, from Elementary to High School.

View the Waco ISD Feeder Patterns flowchart for the 2013-2014 school year.

Choice for Estella Maxey Residents

Waco ISD is dedicated to serving the needs children. Previously, all students living in the Estella Maxey on Herring Avenue were zoned to attend J.H. Hines Elementary. Parents living in Estella Maxey have options when enrolling their children including J.H. Hines, Provident Heights, Kendrick, Parkdale, Crestview, Mountainview, Hillcrest PDS and Lake Air Montessori.