Attendance Zones

Attendance zones are drawn in an attempt to maximize the efficient use of facilities.

Attendance Zones

Note: The above .PDF files are approximately 6MB each and are suitable for printing up to 11"x17". They do not include all street names.

You can also see our attendance zones using Google Maps. These maps are layered onto a single interface and you can even drop a map marker for any address you enter.

The third method for finding your school's attendance zone is by using the service. You can access that online tool here. This site allows parents to identify which schools are assigned to any given address. This site will also show you bus information to include the bus number, where the stops are located, and what time the bus will pick up in the morning as well as drop off in the afternoon.

Feeder Patterns

The Waco ISD Feeder Patterns illustrate which campus a student attends throughout their academic career, from Elementary to High School.

View the Waco ISD Feeder Patterns flowchart.