Transformational Committees and HB 1842

This page, and the pages that follow, will provide public information in regards to House Bill 1842, its directives and our responses to meet with those directives. Our first response to the Bill is to hold Transformation Committee meetings in which the public may attend, learn and discuss their thoughts.

If you have questions about these pages, please submit them on our "Ask us about HB1842" page.

CTC Videos

Dr. Tyrone Tanner conducts a parent training session
Posted on 04/14/2016
Dr. Tanner demonstrates how parent involvement impacts student success rates, and what parents can do about it.
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Dr. Cain and Pat Atkins speak with Dr. Tyrone Tanner
Posted on 04/13/2016
Dr. Tanner is both the Founder and CEO of Educational Concepts LLC
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Pat Atkins speaks with KWBT about Transformation Committees
Posted on 02/22/2016
KWBT, The Beat, WISD Interview 022216
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CTC Events and Dates

No events available.

ATTENTION: Alta Vista, Brook Ave., South Waco and G.W. Carver parents and community members.

When scheduled, the date and time will be posted here.